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Welcome to Better Exercise Experience. We wanted to create a place where people can access a better exercise and nutrition experience. We don’t believe in fad diets and we only advocate 100% natural and sustainable exercise and training plans in order to give the maximum results.

We work with a number of personal trainers, fitness consultants, health and wellbeing freelancers and professional physiotherapists in order to bring the highest quality of information to you.

We get it… there is a ton of information and content out there that is either misguided, misleading or just down right wrong. We want to cut through all of the rubbish and bring you the ultimate fitness and exercise resource.

We also encourage you to share your fitness journey and we aim to provide a community where likeminded individuals can share ideas, help to inspire each other and share in their successes.

A Long Term Approach To A Healthier You

The road to a long term healthy and fit lifestyle is not a short one, so we encourage you to find a system or plan that works for you and around your busy lifestyle (we all have them) – being able to stick to fitness and nutrition is vitally important so we encourage sustainability from the outset. 

Whether you are looking for nutritional advice, tips on exercises or just an all round approach we should have something for you.

The Latest From Our Blog

The Best Type Of Exercise Bikes – The Truth Revealed 

There are two types of person – the ones who likes exercise bikes and the ones who can’t fathom why on earth you would want to ride indoors on a stationary machine. We can kind of see why both points of view exist but the reality is that exercise bikes are here for convenience – and if it makes the difference between someone exercising over not exercising then we are all for them.

We often hear questions like ‘what are the best types of exercise bike?’ and ‘can we use decent exercise bikes at home?’ – the answer is that it depends.

It very much depends on where you are at in terms of your level of fitness, your budget and the space that you have. For many people, an exercise bike is not going to be the only form of exercise they take part in each week and so for a home exercise bike to be worth it, it needs to provide a good level of challenge and also be easy to store.  

For those of us who don’t have space for a large home gym setup then a foldable exercise bike is one option – but these do tend to have a little less robustness and challenge than standard exercise bikes. If you are at a beginner or even intermediate level when it comes to your legs then a folding bike can be a decent option – however for seasoned cyclists a fully built bike is probably going to be more the ticket. 

Unless you are willing to spend hundreds or upwards of £1000 on an exercise bike then you may be better suited to finding alternative leg workout solutions or if you are using it for cardio then find a different cardio exercise. If you are intent on using cycling for cardio then of course nothing beats getting out – but if weather or time does not permit that and you need a high level of workout then the gym might be the best option.

If you are simply looking to have a bit of conditioning for your legs then a progressive overload weight training program might be better for you. One of the best options for home workouts when it comes to legs is the use of resistance bands. Not only do they take up next to no space in your home, there are a range of exercises you can perform and you can take them anywhere – even to the office or on holiday.

For people who need less strain on their joints but need a cardio workout in their home then recumbent (seated) bikes can be the best option. They can be a little more expensive though and they do take up a lot more space than a folding bike.

Our main piece of advice here is to choose the option that is best for you. Getting out on a real bike and/or using a professional gym set up are probably the optimum solutions – but if that isn’t feasible for you then resistance bands and a folding home exercise bike will still provide a good varied workout.

We’d love to hear your home setup if you have a bike and find out what works best for you.